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 On February 13 2014, Pet World Marketing hosted its very first Pet World Marketing Charity Sponsorship Program 2014 at Pet World headquarters, Shah Alam. The Charity Sponsorship was given to 5 different Animal Shelters to help ease their food burden while creating awareness to the public about their efforts to save, rehabilitate and re-home stray animals. With a swift welcome press conference at 3.45pm, the event was followed but an el fresco style dinner set up for our sponsored representatives as well as invited guest from the press.

This year, Pet World Marketing is motivated to strengthen bonds with local NGO animal shelters. Through their efforts, they have progressed into a more indept understanding of stray animals and have successfully managed to sponsor more than 1220 stray dogs and 455 stray cats over 2013 with a total estimated donation of 22 Tons of Pet food to all shelters & individuals in need. This program alone proved to be a success with a total donation of 15tons of dry food and 6 tons of wet food for both dogs and cats.

The press conference gave way for the 5 selected NGO’s to speak about their animal shelters and the various plans each one had for their shelter. Seeing the growth in development for SPCA’s latest Eco shelter to Furry Friends Farm quality of life given to stray dogs and cats, showed promise for a more collective voice fror the stray animals. “Our main aim today is to be able to give the rescued dogs and cats a new lease of life, starting with a complete balance nutrition added with essential minerals & benefits to help secure their health and physical wellbeing.” Emphasized Pet World Marketing team.

ProDiet® cat food and ProBalance™ dog food are the leading pet-food brands in the market today, and were the two main sponsors for the event. ProDiet® is well known for its 100% Real Seafood formula that cats just cannot get enough. ProBalance™ is well received by many pet-owners for its supplement of glucosamine and green tea essence that is beneficial for a dog’s well being.

“On behalf of Pet World Marketing, I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to all our selected NGO todayfor joining in this event and helping us promote better animal welfare.” commented Mr. Choy Peng Yew

Along with this program, Pet World Marketing hopes to kick off their CSR program 2014 with a good head start. Pet World Marketing believe that giving back as much as possible would be able to encourage others to follow in our footsteps and to get stray animals off the streets and into loving homes.

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