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This year, Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd was motivated to strengthen our bonds with local NGO animal shelters. Through our efforts, we have progressed into a more indept understanding of stray animals and we have successfully managed to sponsor an estimated 1220 stray dogs and 455stray cats. In 2013, we managed to sponsor and donate a total of 15tons of dry food and 6 tons of wet food for both dogs and cats. In total we have donated an estimated 22 Tons of pet food to all shelters & individuals in need.

We believe that with this program we will help ease the burdens of food supplies for local shelters. We are optimistic that this program would be able to get more individuals involved to help re home dogs and cats in a better and healthier environment. Our main aim today is to be able to give the rescued dogs and cats a new lease of life, starting with a complete balance nutrition added with essential minerals & benefits to help secure their health and physical wellbeing.

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