Lashawn Sponsorship

Founder of the save ones sight, Glaucoma organization and fully recovered glaucoma patient, Mr. Stevens is a man who shows not back downs, no giving up and no letting go. Along with his wife Ms. Kaye, the two power couple fight day by day to educate people on the effects of glaucoma and that early detection is possible.


In their efforts to educate, they are also fighting to get approval for guide dog services within Malaysia. At the start of 2014, Lashawn, Mr. Stevens guide dog was introduced to the public. Together they make a good team and they venture into public areas awaring people and making their presents known.


Pet World Marketing is proud to be sponsoring annual dog food to Lashawn and we hope to one day see great achievements as Mr. Stevens plans to house, train and give out these specially trained dogs to people within the Malaysian community that deserve a helping hand. With hope we will be able to succeed as our slogan states “Saving Animals is Saving the World.”

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