Ms. Pat Sponsorship

Stray cats from all over Bukit Tinggi, Shah Alam, have hope if they ever cross paths with Ms. Pat. With a total of 18 cats currently residing in her home, she has rescued and sheltered stray cats from her neighborhood as well as around the surrounding area.


Upon contacting Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd, we agreed to sponsor her with Cat food, to help her on her heart warming jester towards stray cats.


We at Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd are proud to have been approached for our ProDiet Cat Food and we hope that there will be many more opportunities to help in our goal to achieve our companies vision.


Below you will be able to view a short clip of Ms. Pat’s cats. We hope to hear from many of our customers, to improve the awareness of consumers about the issues with stray animals within Malaysia and the help being given. With hope we will be able to succeed as our slogan states “Saving Animals is Saving the World.”

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