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The Quest for Uncompromising Nutritional for Pets!


Pet World Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2006. The passion and love for animals has been an important source of motivation for us in the establishment of the company. Fitted out with our commitment and withstanding vision, we have developed two major brands within the Pet food industry, ProDiet® & ProBalance™.

ProDiet®  cat food was first introduced and launched in 2006. As ProDiet®  has reached its seventh year; it has successfully made its mark as one of the leading cat food brand in Malaysia. Serving a complete and balanced nutritional cat food, ProDiet® upholds a good quality and nutritious dietary product for cats.

Another major branch of the family is ProBalance™ dog food which was launched in 2011. Since its first appearance in the market, ProBalance™ has been receiving good responses and numerous positive feedback. ProBalance™ is a complete formulation which provides your dog its daily nutritional requirements.

We value natural products, as we fully emphasise on our 100% real seafood and our complete balance dog and cat diet. As the environment has become increasingly volatile, we have begun to count our carbon footprints and for this we are proud that our perseverance had shown results in our products being packaged in recyclable materials and our factories follow stringent quality measures to bring only the best to the animals.

Combined with our stringent quality practices and reliability, Pet World Marketing has successfully struck the hearts of many pet lovers nationwide. We also have been actively engaged in various welfare activities with NGOs in the attempt to promote pet caring and awareness. As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work.

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Mission & Vision

  • Provide Quality Product with the Finest Ingredients
  • Specialist in Pet Care category
  • Top Players in the pet industry
  • Achieve Aggressive Growth
  • Regional (SEA) pet food brand


  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Awareness
  • Protecting the Environment
  • CSR Activities

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Regional Outlook

Regional Outlook

In this fast growing industry, Pet World marketing aims to develop and spread throughout the region. As the main distributors for ProDiet® and ProBalance™ Cat and Dog food, we have spent our resources on striving to bring premium quality and the finest ingredients to your pet’s bowls; we have expanded our reach throughout Malaysia and as far as Brunei. We have grown through the years and have begun to expand our resources to international waters such as Australia and Switzerland to bring the best pet food formulations back to our pets here at home. With the rise of the pet food industry, and the advancements in technology, pet food is fast becoming a necessary commodity.

Pet World marketing has taken an active approach in manufacturing and producing quality ingredient products which help cater to the ever growing needs of pet owners in today society. We ensure our products give pets the complete nutrition needed while maintaining quality standards.

With our continuous advancement throughout the region, we ensure the standards of each country are met. As a conclusion, ProDiet®  has successfully received Halal certification for our Muslim counterparts and customers. With our increasing expansion throughout the region, we strive to maintain a complete and unified outlook.




Here at Pet World Marketing, we emphasize on a strong and lasting relationship with our business partners & associates. In this ever evolving industry, Pet World Marketing understands the importance of collaboration between two companies for a better and higher quality product development.

In order to prosper in our mission, Pet World Marketing believes that we need strategic partnerships to make our visions a reality. We strive to maintain excellent results for our company and our associates in the effort to grow together with our business partners.

Supporting NGO

Supporting NGO

Pet World Marketing strongly supports Non-Government Organisations with their cause and initiatives. Pet World Marketing believes that it is critical to lend a hand. We understand the importance of preserving our environment for generations to come. Animal welfare & awareness has over the years become our priority. We believe by doing our part for the animal no matter how huge or how small would be able to slowly but surely change the mindset of society and its views on stray and abandoned animals around us. Through our food sponsorships, we help to ease the growing demands for food supplies within animal welfare home whilst encouraging individuals to reach out a helping hand through food sponsorships and with any other help they can offer.

As a result, Pet World Marketing strives to achieve our vision to give back to the animals and believe that every contribution matters. We continuously find ways to strengthen our efforts in our Corporate Social Responsibility‎ for the greater good.

With our continuous bond with SPCA and MDDB, we have managed to sponsor these animal homes a large amount of Pet food both wet and dry. Our relationship with these NGO’s has see our vision to be a caring pet care company come to life, as we continue to encourage individuals around us to join in to help in all ways possible.