Corporate Development 2014 – Strengthening Boarders



The Pet industry is an ever growing market continuously developing and evolving for the benefit of its consumers. With the growing number of pet owners & pet enthusiast, many new ventures; stamping from trends & styles, give way to a new market opportunity. From the growing interest with smaller breed dogs & more exclusive cat breeds; premium categories grow and give way to a broader more luxurious way of animal care. With the rise of premium meals, accessories, snacks, pet fashion, bedding, transportation, housing, grooming, medical & boarding facilities, most companies begin to join ventures to expand on each others strengths while giving way to advance in their own business.

Along with the ever developing pet industry & fast pace rotation of trending within the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to strengthen alliances and build stronger bonds with partners. It is becoming increasingly difficult and more complex to cultivate and maintain an alliance within the pet industry especially with the growing needs of customers for the benefit of their pets.

For this reason, Pet World Marketing is continuously pursuing progressive market trends and anticipating growing market opportunities to continue to strive within this market. Pushing the boundaries throughout the region gives Pet World Marketing a wider reach to our customers and it gives us a chance to generate a continuous stream of communication amongst our customers, our business associates and our social partners.

We are innovatively positioning our company to effectively handle our short term needs while stabilizing our long term goals. Pet World Marketing strives to maintain flexibility within our environment; from a business perspective to our help with our social non- government alliances to give us greater leverage within the Pet food industry.

Strategy & Joint Alliances

We place great expectations to fulfill our strategic development and partnerships

We concentrate our business in strategic areas where we believe when developed, we will provide guaranteed business growth and excellent business returns to all parties involved. Our accelerating business growth is an incentive from the understanding and cooperation of all our business partners. It drives us to reach for greater achievements hence building greater alliances to carry our partnership through the continuous tide of the pet industry.


We aspire to maintain professional in all aspects of our business.

Professionalism is very important in our line of work. It is important for us to maintain proper ethics to promote stability amongst our team & our partners. Ethics guides our company through three very important rules of business; principles, values and beliefs. With these guidelines we are able to encourage broader judgment, deliberation and responsibility within our company, hence ensuring Pet World Marketing’s direction and future within the pet food industry continues to expand & evolve with the changing demands of the market.

Social Humanity

Saving the animals is saving the world

With every step we take in our daily business, there is always a possibility to help animals in every way. We not only strive to provide a good nutrition and complete balance for animals, we also help the animals, less fortunate and in need of a new home and hope. By helping animal shelter homes, with their aim to re-home and rehabilitate stray animals, we can gradually build social awareness about stray animals and second chances for these animals therefore helping save the animals a little at a time, which then spreads over time.