Pet World Marketing strongly supports Non-Government Organisations with their cause and initiatives. We continuously encourage working together to build and raise funds necessary for the preservation and general care taking of stray cats and dogs within Malaysia, especially around our communities.


Over the years, Pet World Marketing has slowly begun to educate the public about the benefits of helping stray animals around their neighborhoods and within Animal shelters. Giving these Abandoned, Ill-treated and stray animals a second life with a better lifestyle, brings Pet World Marketing one step closer to realizing our mission. Animal welfare & awareness has over the years become our priority. We believe by doing our part for the animal no matter how huge or how small would be able to slowly but surely change the mindset of society and its views on stray and abandoned animals around us.


Through our Corporate social Activities, we provide annual food sponsorship which help to feed animals within 3 different animal shelters. We aspire in time to gradually be able to work alongside specialist to learn better ways in which to handle the growing number of strays within the nation.


We continuously find ways to strengthen our efforts in our Corporate Social Responsibility for the greater good. Our relationship with local NGO’s and individual’s within the community, has seen our vision to be a caring pet care company come to life, as we continue to encourage individuals around us to join in to help in all ways possible.