In Pet World Nutritions, we are committed to the health and safety of our pets and our planet.

We are dedicated to making the world a better place for pets and their owners, now and for generations to come. Our commitment requires that we produce high-quality and nutritious pet food. Therefore, we continuously source for solutions that are good for the environment and our business.

Corporate sustainability initiatives have been a part of our business strategy and here is what we are working toward:

Sustainable Sourcing

We continued to take efforts in making sure all our ingredients are responsibly sourced. One of our latest milestones in the company’s sustainability journey is having MSC- certified fisheries in our Delizios® products where we are committed to using only sourced seafood as our ingredients to prevent unsustainable fishing practices.

Recyclable packaging

Packaging plays an important role including protecting ingredients, preserving freshness, conveying nutrition & health information, as well as establishing brand differentiation. We take our responsibility for sustainable packaging seriously and are improvising our packaging to have a positive impact of our planet. To achieve sustainable packaging solutions for our 2030 goal, we are implementing thinning & resizing of our carton packaging that will not only save cost, but also saving the environment. By this, we aim to save 10,000 trees from every ton of corrugated cardboard produced.

Environmental footprint

We recognizes our responsibility to address the environmental and social impacts of our business. Currently, we are already using renewable energy and rain harvesting system from our factories and offices in Malaysia. As part of our 2025 goal, we are working towards increasing our renewable energy by reducing our operation emission by saving a total of 765, 840 kgCO2e per year in saving electricity energy, solar power and water.

Energy saved till date.
Carbon dioxide saved in reducing carbon footprint.
Water saved from rain harvesting system.