In Pet World Nutritions, we are committed to the health and safety of our pets and our planet.

We are dedicated to making the world a better place for pets and their owners, now and for generations to come. Our commitment requires that we produce high-quality and nutritious pet food. Therefore, we continuously source for solutions that are good for the environment and our business.

Corporate sustainability initiatives have been a part of our business strategy and here is what we are working toward:

Sustainable Sourcing

We continued to take efforts in making sure all our ingredients are responsibly sourced. One of our latest milestones in the company’s sustainability journey is having MSC- certified fisheries in our Delizios® products where we are committed to using only sourced seafood as our ingredients to prevent unsustainable fishing practices.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Pet World Nutritions Sdn Bhd is proud to announce a strategic partnership with SPCA Selangor and Nutrition Technologies Sdn Bhd to embark on the birth of Malaysia’s first sustainable dog food using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) as an alternative protein source.

Upcycled Meat

We incorporate sustainably sourced pre-human consumption protein into our pet food manufacturing process. These protein sources include salmon, chicken and duck which contain high protein, fiber and nutrients. Through the use of these protein sources, it will reduce up to 45,079kg GHG in our manufacturing process of pet food (50% reduction from conventional meat sources).

Rain Harvesting

Our state of the art facility features a sophisticated rain harvesting system to convert rain water to be utilised in non-drinking processes. Through the process of rain harvesting, Pet World Nutritions managed to potentially reduce 25,079,436 liters of clean water in our manufacturing plant.

Inviting Greenery

In Pet World Nutritions, we pledged to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide level by creating a green space that surround our facility. By welcoming nature in and outside our premises, we will securely reduce 1,500kg of Co2 by planting over 200 plants around the facility.

Work Life Balance

We stand firm as a believer of acknowledging the culture of work life balance. As a part of our Pet World Nutritions employees, our facility is equipped with world class gym facilities and cafes for the betterment of our employees. This allow employees to strike a balance with fun and work while feeling at home in the workspace.

Helping The Community

Giving back to the community remains a vital part of our business principles. To date, we have managed to donate over 1,500,000 meals across animal shelters in Malaysia. As an animal loving company, we believe all animals should be able to enjoy nutritious and delicious food equally.

Eco-Friendly Facility

With the advancement of technologies, we are able to minimise the environmental impact we inflict to the environment. The facility is finished with modern yet sophisticated Low-E Glass, lowering the overall facility temperature that will ultimately lead to the reduce of 216,186kwh a year.

Environmental Footprint

We recognizes our responsibility to address the environmental and social impacts of our business. Currently, we are already using renewable energy system from our factories and offices in Malaysia. As part of our 2025 goal, we are working towards increasing our renewable energy by reducing our operation emission by saving a total of 7,433,020 kwh per year in saving electricity energy and generating solar power.

Carbon dioxide saved in reducing carbon footprint.
Energy saved from renewable sources.
Water saved from rain harvesting system.
Donated to shelters across Malaysia.