Having a furry companion in your house may change your life in the way that you can’t imagine. Not only do you get to live with a friend who understands you, but there are eight reasons why having a pet is great for your mind, body and soul.

1. Always be there for you

A pet’s love is unconditional. Zappy will always love you and remember you no matter what. He will be the first one who welcome you home. If you are happy, Zappy will get even happier. If you are sad, Zappy will sit silently next to you. “Don’t worry, you’ve got me”.

2. Enhance your emotional health

Having Zappy with you can take your mind off all your worries and stay focused at the moment. Whenever Zappy is with you, he will try his best to get your attention, giving a little love to you and craving for some from you. Zappy doesn’t speak, but he is aware of your emotional needs.

3. Enhance your physical health

Zappy loves it when you take him on walks. At least 15 minutes for a walk, Zappy will be the happiest animal in the world. While you are giving him a walk, you are taking a regular walk for yourself. A little exercise for you after you have a long day at work. Sounds good to you?

Exercise release endorphins

4. Elevate your mood

Having Zappy will make things better if you are dealing with physical or mental health issue. The relationship between you and Zappy is pure healing. While you are suffering from physical discomfort or mental disorder, stroking Zappy causes hormones to be released and makes you feel good.

5. Enhance your personal growth

Zappy can’t stay with you through your whole life, but he will stay with you for his whole life. You are most likely to deal with the pain of loss when his time comes to an end. Although losing Zappy is a very painful experience, but the love and memory that Zappy gave you while with you, definitely worth it. That’s where you learn how to let go of things that you can’t keep in life.

6. Helps you relax

The act of stroking a dog or cat releases hormones and lowers your blood pressure. When you are getting stress, go to your local shelter and give them some love. You will notice how you feel when you are interacting with a dog or cat. They calm your nerves. Bring one of them home if you wish to have a bonding between you and the animal.

7. Makes your life better

Saving a life will make your life better. It releases love hormones in your brain which helps to reduce stress. Some of the people will prefer to get a new pet from a pet shop. However, there are many stray dogs and cats being abandoned and kept in the local shelter that are waiting to be loved. Bring one of them home could change his life and yours too.

8. Add more love to your household

It’s lovely that you may already have a family to love, but you will never say no to more love. Having Zappy in your house will strengthen your relationship with your family. It helps you to connect with your family members because you will always have something of Zappy to talk about. You might even have a family discussion on how to choose the pet foods and training techniques for Zappy.

If you want to be loved, start with giving love to one. Consider a pet because they are a wonderful gift to humanity. It’s even better if you adopt one!

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