We received queries on our Single Source Meat Protein series of dry food, on why does it matter. How will it benefit the dogs?

Single source protein simply means there is only one source of meat that is used in each variant.

Unveiling the truth

Often in manufacturing of dog foods, manufacturers will use mixed meat sources to keep the costing low. It is done either by opting for cheaper sources of meat than more expensive ones or to try increasing palatability by adding animal by-products.

In ProBalance, when we say lamb, we mean lamb!

So why should this matter to your dog?

Protein allergic is common for dogs. Especially, chicken and beef. So, if your dog suffers from specific meat allergies, it could be challenging to get foods without that meat in it. Usually when you found, the price would be sky-high.

ProBalance formulas uses only single sourced protein in all varieties, so it’s perfect for those dogs with meat specific allergies and intolerance, allowing them to have more variety within their diets and yet getting it at an affordable pricing.

In Pet World, we believe that everyone deserves unconditional love with a com-paw-nion, regardless of the age or status. That is why we make daily essentials affordable without compromising the quality, so that paw-parents could share more meaningful memories with their paw-some friend.

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